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       Feeling the power of your life, and living the life that is uniquely yours!                We truly all have the capacity to bloom fully. And it feels so natural, and amazing.

Somehow, you might have forgotten about these skills.
But you can bring back the very essence of your power. And so you can restore your balance, re-use the untapped power you have inside and enjoy your life fully. When you rise up to become a genuine queen or king - a person who has come to master the art of living - you experience a profound understanding of the cycles of nature and get more and more glimpses of the magic of life again.

Are you looking to bloom fully?

Do you want to go for an enriching life and use your power like that?

If you are a woman who is ready, we offer you the roadmap to bring untapped power back into your life and feel empowered to be the true woman you are, and from there contribute in your own unique way.

Do you want it too?

Then you can start in the comfort of your home. My book will provide you with deep insights and gives easy access to an enriching way of living.

If you want to take it many steps further, then my personal coaching supports you in living as a fully blooming woman. 

If you want to journey through it together with other women, you can get your spot at one of my 1-day blooming journeys.

And soon,  you can find e-courses to dive into it deeper and deeper, blooming ever more fully.





Do you recognize yourself?

  I love Nature and the essence of life and am deeply concerned about its preservation

  I am strongly aware of the problems of this world and want to take more action on them

I place a great deal of importance on developing and maintaining my relationships

I place a lot of value on helping other people and bringing out their unique gifts

I see spirituality or kind religion as important in my life

I want to create a new and better way of life for myself

I like experiencing and learning about other ways of living that allow me to be supported and bloom fully



Then you are in the right place!

It was a pleasure for me to discover I belong to a group they call the cultural creatives. Sometimes I wondered why not everybody was feeling bad about quite some of the ways in our days. And indeed not everybody is, but a big group of people does. The cultural creatives are the Queens and Kings of today.

And I support them. To get strong, fulfilled, and downright impactful to bloom fully in this world. 

If you want to know more about this profile discovered and researched by sociologist Ray and psychologist Anderson, here is the entire list.


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I have always been a curious and positive woman. And I have a love for adventure, what made me travel far and between. I am fascinated by different cultures, discovering all the colors and mixes. And when you travel or explore something long enough, you start to see underlying patterns. I saw that women were working hard, wherever I went. And that very often, the men were not particularly lightening the workload for the women. It was always something that stung in my heart. And somehow along my journey, the relationship between men and women became one of the highlighted ways to develop myself as a woman.

I am part of a twin, with a boy, so maybe I got a head start in knowing how astounding a relationship can be between the sexes. And my first partners gave me exactly that, a gratitude for being a woman. But as life goes, one day or another there will come lessons along your path. I was a fully blooming woman, educated, travelled, partied, loved. Or so I thought. I got my heart and soul broken in a way I knew it was going to take me time to return to that feeling of blooming fully again. Returning re-fined. And so I did.

I was given a lot of blessings, so it was normal to me that all I touched would turn into gold. I found it normal life would treat me abundantly and that all doors would open if I wanted it to. But somehow, once I got hurt so badly, all of that ceased to happen. So I went on an adventure again. Inside this time. I learned how it is possible that the world is set up in a way that does not favor the nature and work of a woman and that they somehow have to fight, or work hard, for just being a woman. Yes, also in Europe where I am from. Still. But on this adventure I discovered the beauty and genius of life. How it gives back your wishes, dreams, deep joy, wonder, strength and so much more.

I looked for wisdom and an abundant, fulfilling way of living. And in its essence you find a blooming natural way of being. I learned to put words to these experiences and possibilities, keep developing it inside of me, translate it to my daily living and work, and teach it to others. Although you will somehow already know. As it is a part inside all of us. 


If you want to know how this all shows in my professional story, you can visit my LinkedIn profile. And do connect, because when we bloom as women both at home and at work, that makes up for some good travelling and stories when we get to visit each other. 





We all walk our journey in our own unique way. But the ebb and flow of our stories are the same for everyone. You see it in your life and everyone else's if you watch closely. You live your life, and suddenly something pulls you out of your daily ways of living. A challenge comes your way, and now it is up to you to face it. You feel separated from everything you once knew, it is tough being here, but somehow you know you have to keep walking. You search and search, try to keep your faith, that sometimes might even elude you. But then suddenly you discover new land. You are initiated in new ways you never heard of, you touch upon parts of you you didn't even know were there. You taste, savor, apply, fail, try again, learn, rejoice and every day get a better hang of it. And that cycle you do like a million times. To then one day, find yourself blooming with all your new discoveries in your hand. And you return. You return to share your gifts and teachings of life with others. This book tells my story of discovering my natural woman, discovering the whole of femininity, and following the natural laws of the genius of life. This is my part 1, that I graciously and courageously want to share with you.


If you like to purchase the Return of the Queens book,
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If you love to share and support the blooming of women to give rise to more Queens, have an ever growing community to walk strong together, you are welcome to make a donation.

We will keep you up-to-date on how we contribute to other women through you!

We bloom best together! 

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Do you know that feeling of awe, that you are amazed by the magic and ease of life?
Or that feeling of pure clarity, where everything fits?

These are two amazing feelings you live often as a queen, when you bloom fully.

If you learn the ways to create these more in your life, if you require the right skills and the right mindset, you too can live your daily life in a manner you didn't know you had in you.

That is where we take you to in my coachings. 



When you bloom fully, you are authentic and fully true to yourself. You are enough and fulfilled on your own.

When you bloom fully, you have a deeply beautiful connection to others and you naturally take care of your people and your world with natural boundaries.

When you bloom fully, you have access to a strong intuition and combined with your knowledge, you create work that automatically makes you contribute to life in your best possible way.

When you bloom fully, you know you are safe.

When you bloom fully, you know the way.



I also speak for groups as an inspirational speaker. Together we finetune the topic of your meeting, congress or event.


Ine delivers inspiring and empowering presentations.
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   I have travelled far and beyond, I have discovered many ways to get to your core, to release old hurts and transform them into integrated wisdom and deep joy. I have discovered hidden capacities by practicing ancient arts and by them, I got access to mythical experiences. But when I took my first class to coach via the power of movement and dance, the dance of your body -where your mind is no longer the only queen, I instantly came home again. Its power is vast and so incredibly beautiful.  


To support women to bloom fully, I have also started the Blooming journey for Women. This 1-day workshop connects you to the different aspects that make up the essence and lifestyle of a blooming woman. You have your sweet spot, and so much more.



You learn to know these powerful parts known to our hidden collective consciousness. You feel them, express them and know how to  keep discovering them.

You learn to act from a place that supports you, that gives rise to you instead of a place that you succumb to.

You learn the tools at hand to consciously further balance all of you and live your queen more and more each day.

You learn about your love, power, patience, wisdom and your inspired action.

And much more.  


In case you have chosen to dance your queen together with others, contact



Once a year we also come together at the Mariposafestival in Belgium. 

Mariposa is a women's gathering and each year celebrates a different aspect of being a woman:

the wild woman, the creative woman, the enjoying woman... 

By the end of the day, the effect it has being with other women, is just blissful. It is wonderful to feel how it brings you to the core of your woman.  

For more -Dutch- info, visit  





Do you say go?

Then I am ready to support your blooming fully too!

I am living and working in Antwerp, Belgium, at the heart of Europe. But I am world citizen, so wherever you are from, East or West, North or South, you have my support online via Skype too.

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