I have travelled far and beyond, I have discovered many ways to get to your core, to release old hurts and transform them into integrated wisdom and deep joy. I have discovered hidden capacities by practicing ancient arts and by them, I got access to mythical experiences. But when I took my first class to coach via the power of movement and dance, the dance of your body -where your mind is no longer the only queen, I instantly came home again. Its power is vast and so incredibly beautiful.  


To support women to bloom fully, I have also started the Blooming journey for Women. This 1-day workshop connects you to the different aspects that make up the essence and lifestyle of a blooming woman. You have your sweet spot, and so much more.



You learn to know these powerful parts known to our hidden collective consciousness. You feel them, express them and know how to  keep discovering them.

You learn to act from a place that supports you, that gives rise to you instead of a place that you succumb to.

You learn the tools at hand to consciously further balance all of you and live your queen more and more each day.

You learn about your love, power, patience, wisdom and your inspired action.

And much more.  


In case you have chosen to dance your queen together with others, contact



Once a year we also come together at the Mariposafestival in Belgium. 

Mariposa is a women's gathering and each year celebrates a different aspect of being a woman:

the wild woman, the creative woman, the enjoying woman... 

By the end of the day, the effect it has being with other women, is just blissful. It is wonderful to feel how it brings you to the core of your woman.  

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