We all walk our journey in our own unique way. But the ebb and flow of our stories are the same for everyone. You see it in your life and everyone else's if you watch closely. You live your life, and suddenly something pulls you out of your daily ways of living. A challenge comes your way, and now it is up to you to face it. You feel separated from everything you once knew, it is tough being here, but somehow you know you have to keep walking. You search and search, try to keep your faith, that sometimes might even elude you. But then suddenly you discover new land. You are initiated in new ways you never heard of, you touch upon parts of you you didn't even know were there. You taste, savor, apply, fail, try again, learn, rejoice and every day get a better hang of it. And that cycle you do like a million times. To then one day, find yourself blooming with all your new discoveries in your hand. And you return. You return to share your gifts and teachings of life with others. This book tells my story of discovering my natural woman, discovering the whole of femininity, and following the natural laws of the genius of life. This is my part 1, that I graciously and courageously want to share with you.


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